Cerrar Mapa

Master in

Agro-food marketing

Next edition: 1st part: 30 September 2019 – 5 June 2020 / 2nd part: September 2020 – June 2021

Master in

Agro-food marketing

Awarded Diplomas and Diploma Supplement

Students who have successfully completed the first and the second parts of the programme (120 ECTS) obtain the Master of Science Degree, awarded by CIHEAM, issued by IAMZ. This Degree is recognized by the State of Spain as equivalent to the official Master degree of the Spanish university system (Spanish Official Gazette BOE dated 21 November 2006 and BOE dated 20 February 2007). IAMZ is registered in the Spanish Registry of Universities, Centres and Degrees (RUCT) of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, under the Section Centres with code number “50012190”, where under the Heading University it is included in "Other University-level Centres". The Master degree corresponds to second cycle post-graduate studies level, according to the European Space for Higher Education.

Students who have successfully completed the first part of the programme (60 ECTS) are awarded the CIHEAM’s Post-graduate Specialization Diploma, issued by IAMZ. These credits can be considered, by any European University, for further post-graduate studies in programmes of equivalent scope.

Together with every diploma, IAMZ issues the corresponding Diploma Supplements. Supplements are in accordance with the model developed by the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO/CEPES, containing all the information required on the qualification and its level, the content of the programme and the results gained.

Students who have not completed all the necessary credits to obtain the degree receive a transcript of records, detailing the credits earned, the subjects studied and the corresponding qualifications.


IAMZ issues the CIHEAM’s Master of Science Degree and the corresponding Diploma Supplement free of charge, usually within a period not exceeding six months after the awarding date.

CIHEAM’s Postgraduate Specialization Diploma and the corresponding Diploma Supplement are issued free of charge, usually within a period not exceeding three months after the awarding date.

Access to further studies

This degree’s specialization profile enables the awardees to undertake technical responsibilities in this area and to develop high-level scientific research, allowing direct access to PhD studies.